Forte Serum Wrinkle Antidote - 30ml(1oz)

SKU: 510

Scientifically advanced antiageing serum targets the formation of lines and wrinkles.
Contains DeCreasol which reduces the depth of wrinkles caused by frowning and facial expressions.
Messenger peptides MatriCol activates the neosynthesis of extracellular matrix in the skin and cell proliferation leading to significant decrease in ageing lines.

Use and Benefits
Apply a drop of serum twice a day on cleansed skin under moisturizer
• Targets the formation of lines and wrinkles
• Reduces depth of wrinkles caused by frowning and other facial expressions
• Reduce ageing lines

Key Ingredients
• DeCreasol- bio-mimetic peptides
• Matrikines- biopeptides, works as cell messengers to reduce ageing lines
• Laminin-like peptides which work on dermaepidermal conjunction and help to firm the skin to reduce sagging lines.